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January 04, 2006



This story was amazing! I loved it. Very quirky and very interesting to read. I can agree with that whole urban neurotic bit, the entire time I read the story, the more and more it got to that part about the ear, my own ears began to itch, and they're still going through the motions. Nice way to mix fiction with reality and I'd never known what mange was before and I ceartainly don't ever want to go near it. Fun to read, though! Keep it up! Absolutely fantastic, and the characters were so much fun to read about! Really, though... what did happen to John Speke.... oh now I'm curious... now you have absolutely got to write another story! I'm definitely interested in hearing more about the main character and the guy with the bugs in his ear! very creepy stuff, but you're a magnificent writer! :)


I enjoyed this story! It's as wacky as the tall tales of Twain and others of that vintage!

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